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Bet with ELITE Sportsbook™ Anywhere in Iowa!

From the gridiron to the 9-iron, experience the thrill of the game with an easy to use and highly secure betting platform. Bet on your phone anywhere in Iowa, with our ticket writers in Draft Day Sports Lounge or at the kiosks in the Casino. We bring you the sports that you want to bet on!

ELITE Sportsbook offers online deposits and unique features. Our Progressive Parlay has an element of forgiveness and is only offered by ELITE Sportsbook. Live Betting gives you a chance to profit from your ability to read the game while it's in progress. Got a feeling that your winning bet might turn against you? Take advantage of our Early Cashout feature.

Want promotions? We have them....Bet Insurance, Reload Bonuses, Free & Match Bets and more. Countless events & the best odds at your fingertips...who needs Vegas? ELITE Sportsbook is proud to be a U.S. owned company and offer our customers the excitement of sports wagering on a secure platform. Whether you are betting at our kiosks, online or on mobile, you will always be in the game with ELITE Sportsbook.

To sign up for an ELITE Sportsbook account, download the ELITE Sportsbook App or visit www.ELITESPORTSBOOK.com.

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Located in Draft Day

Enjoy our best brew, pub eats and your favorite franchise at our sports lounge, Draft Day! The 360-degree screen might have been plenty for anyone else, but we added 18 television screens to catch the big game from any spot in the house. This menu can flex heavy or light depending on your game. Whether you're looking for a compliment to your entree or sharing with a group over drinks, our expansive starters menu is a great place to start for delicious pub favorites. With so many choices, you may have difficulty choosing between our signature Draft Day Burger, the reuben or the Build Your Own Mac N' Cheese. We hope our beefy menu simply means that you'll be back for more.

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